“Screen Monitor recording” Classroom Benefits

Jing vs Screencast-o-Matic


By Sandi Berg – Senior Math teacher

Jing vs Screencast-o-Matic

I love screencasting.  For me, it has many benefits in my classroom.  First of all, as a senior high math teacher, especially in the Pure Math stream, it is very difficult to find a sub who can help my students.  When I finally do find a good sub, they’re usually snapped up by a school very quickly.  This can be quite frustrating.  However, I have found the solution to my problem…screencasting!  I can record myself teaching a topic to students.  All the sub has to do is double click on my video and voila!  It’s like I’m right there.  The problem with screen-casting?  It doesn’t exactly fit with the whole concept of exploratory learning.  It’s a sit and git lesson.  Once I start teaching the new curriculum, this will change the way I prep for subs but for now, when I’m missing, this is the best way to guarantee my grade 12’s are getting the information they need.  The other great thing is that I actually recorded all of my class examples and posted them on my moodle site.  We use the Absolute Value workbook so I contacted the company to make sure this was ok.  They told me that as long as it was 1) located on a secure server so that only the students in my class could access it, 2) every student must have purchased the workbook, 3) I must be teaching my students face to face (not an online setting) in a traditional classroom setting.  I was also given permission to share my videos with other teachers as long as they met the above requirements when they share those videos.

This isn’t the only reason I use screencasting software.  Last year, in my Pure Math 10 class, I had students create a math problem for a topic we were reviewing.  They then used screen-casting software to record themselves working through the problem.  After that, we posted the recording on our moodle site.  This way, any of them could access the recordings if they were having trouble.

Up until recently, I have been using Jing.  I really liked this program but found it had a few issues that caused me so much grief that I finally decided to explore other options.


  • Extremely slow start up time.  I would have to open it up, walk away for a few minutes, and then return to use the program.  Now, this is partly because my school laptop is having issues but I noticed a slow start up (but not as bad) on my personal laptop as well.
  • Must be downloaded.  This is fine for me but when I’m trying to run this with my students, it’s a pain to have them temporarily install it.  Our tech department doesn’t like to install programs onto our image unless it’s been tested thoroughly first so I wanted to use it quite a few times with my students before making this request.
  • A user account must be created.  I created a school based one for my students to log in, though.  All of my students were able to log in at once so this was great.
  • 5 minute time limit.  Have you seen some of the Pure Math 30 examples?  I would have to split my explanations in half in order to record them.
  • Freezing.  This was the final straw.  I’m starting to see a lot of program crashes when I hit “stop recording”.  I thought maybe my file was corrupted so I uninstalled it, downloaded a fresh copy and reinstalled.  It kept freezing.
  • I upgraded the Jing Pro version for $14.95 for a year, (retired in 2013) is now Snag-it for $50. and can capture on the run of anything on screen. Good for fifteen minutes to an hour recording. This allowed me to record in other formats but I found my students preferred the original format as their computers would automatically open it! They would have to make changes to the opening settings in order to watch the other videos.

So, recently I have been exploring Screencast-o-Matic.  I haven’t had a lot of time to play with it but here are some of the things I have noticed with the two versions;

  • No account needed but you do need an email address.
  • When you are finished the video, you can export it to a variety of sources
  • The free version gives you 15 minutes to record.
  • Must have internet access to record the video as it is online. (in the cloud servers)
  • The free version prints a small watermark at the bottom of the video but it doesn’t detract from your video.

Based on what I’ve listed as my pros and cons, it’s pretty obvious which program I’ll be using now but that does not end my quest for the perfect paid or free screencasting software.  The software must meet the following requirements:

  • Preferably online but not absolutely required
  • Free
  • Allows at least a 10 minute video
  • Easy to use
  • Stable
  • Easy to download the videos
  • Downloaded quality is reasonable

What Screencasting Software are you using?  What are it’s pros and cons?

Mention in the comments below your concerns.

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Warren Buffet earns $680Mil. on Wrigley loan of $4.4Bil. owned by (Ethyl) Mars, Inc.

Buffett’s Crisis-Lending Haul Reaches $10 Billion overall in five years counting.

Berkshire Hathaway Recaps Benefit From Tossing Lifeline to Handful of Firms / including Mars, Inc.

Mr. Buffett approached that figure after he collected another hefty payment last week, bringing to nearly 40% the pretax income on his crisis-era investments, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis.

The bounty is a vivid illustration of one of Mr. Buffett’s favorite investing maxims: “Be fearful when others are greedy, and be greedy when others are fearful.”

$680 Million earned on $4.4 Billion in five years… *

The latest windfall for the Omaha, Neb., billionaire and his conglomerate, Berkshire Hathaway Inc., came when candy maker Mars Inc. repaid $4.4 billion that its subsidiary, Wrigley, borrowed in 2008. That payment alone is expected to net Berkshire a profit of at least $680 million.

“In terms of simple profitability, an average investor could have done just as well investing in the stock market if they bought during the panic period,” Mr. Buffett said in an interview Saturday. He was referring to a monthslong stretch beginning in the fall of 2008 when the stocks of some of his favorite companies, including Wells Fargo & Co. and American Express Co., fell to historic lows. “You make your best buys when people are overwhelmingly fearful.”

But few investors, if any, capitalized on the crisis as expertly.

By comparison, the U.S. government invested about $420 billion through its Troubled Asset Relief Program. The government also demanded beneficial terms and collected sizable dividend payments for a return of about $50 billion, or 12%, thus far, according to the U.S. Treasury’s website.

Mr. Buffett said he hopes to use the cash to make other big investments soon that will bring equally attractive returns. Berkshire will continue to buy stocks to add to its portfolio of over $100 billion, because “it’s still better to have equities than cash,” he said.

But big acquisitions such as the 2010 purchase of railroad operator BNSF Railway Co. for $26 billion have gotten harder to find. As prices have risen along with the economic recovery, Mr. Buffett has publicly lamented the paucity of transformative deals that would allow Berkshire to put some of its cash to use.

Starting with Mars in April of 2008, when credit markets began to tighten in advance of the financial crisis, some big-name companies looked to Mr. Buffett—and Berkshire’s huge war chest—as a lender of last resort.

In addition to much-needed capital, the companies acquired something equally valuable: Mr. Buffett’s implicit endorsement of their long-term prospects. Shares of these companies generally went up after they revealed Berkshire’s involvement.

In six major deals, Berkshire invested a total of about $26 billion. Mr. Buffett used Berkshire’s gigantic cash hoard to move swiftly and exact lucrative terms that created a stream of payments from the borrowers.

Mr. Buffett’s deal-making started in the early days of the crisis and continued deep into the recovery. The last of the deals was a 2011 loan to Bank of America Corp. for $5 billion.

Besides Mars and Bank of America, Berkshire made investments in Goldman Sachs Group Inc., Swiss Re Ltd., Dow Chemical Co., and General Electric Co.

Several deals are continuing to pay hefty dividends. Berkshire also owns equity stakes in the firms, or warrants to buy them, that add several billion dollars more to the company’s return on investments, at least on paper.

Although the warrants on some of these deals effectively came free with Berkshire’s purchase of preferred shares, accounting rules require the company to split its cost between the stock and warrants acquired. That means Berkshire records gains differently in its books than a cash-in, cash-out tally adding up to about $10 billion.

As the economy has recovered, and with credit available at more attractive rates, some of the companies have opted to redeem securities owned by Berkshire or adjust the terms in ways favorable to Mr. Buffett.

Dow Chemical, which borrowed $3 billion from Berkshire to help fund the 2009 acquisition of Rohm & Haas, has said buying back the preferred stock is a priority.

Also last week, Berkshire became one of Goldman’s largest shareholders with a $2.1 billion stake after the close of a five-year deal in which Berkshire injected $5 billion into the bank.

Berkshire bought 50,000 shares of preferred stock from Goldman that required the bank to pay $500 million in annual dividends. When Goldman redeemed the shares in March 2011, it paid Berkshire an extra $500 million as a premium.

The original deal also gave Berkshire warrants to buy 43.5 million common shares for an additional $5 billion, which would have made the conglomerate Goldman’s largest shareholder. In March, the bank amended the terms to give Berkshire a smaller stake without Berkshire having to spend extra dollars.

Berkshire helped Mars candy, finance its $23 billion purchase of Wrigley gum. The company has sought to refinance parts of its debt since then to take advantage of lower interest rates and an improved credit rating, a spokesman said.

Berkshire contributed $6.5 billion, including $2.1 billion for preferred stock in Wrigley that pays an annual dividend. Berkshire also bought an additional $1 billion of Wrigley debt later. Thus far, the investment is expected to net Berkshire nearly $4 billion, including annual dividends and a prepayment premium since the bonds were due in 2018.

Mr. Buffett’s stake in Bank of America could pay off for years. Berkshire invested $5 billion in the bank in 2011, which adds about $300 million in annual pretax income. Bank of America Chief Executive Brian Moynihan recently said he doesn’t plan to buy back the preferred shares any time soon. Berkshire also has until 2021 to exercise warrants for 700 million common shares for an additional $5 billion at $7.14 a share. Based on the bank’s current stock price of about $14, the warrants create a paper profit of nearly $5 billion.

*Now you see how $680 Million can be earned from a loan of $4.4 Billion to Wrigley’s gum owned by Mars, Inc. candy company in 2008 during pressed times.

Thanks to author A. Das for the update.
Radical V2 video: www.5gum.com/5gum

For information on making you money online: www.extremewealthsolutions.info

To learn more about why this is good: www.empowernetworkmarketing.net

With thanks to Ethel Mars and www.ethelm.com

(c) 2013

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Hong Kong upper Middle-Class spend $5K a year on WINE

Hong Kongers spend HK$5K a year on wine

1st October, 2013

by L. Xin and Christeraxe

Hong Kong upper middle class residents are likely to spend more than HK $5,000 annually on wine, according to a new survey by the Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition.

hong-kongThe survey, which was conducted in August and September this year in 2013 with 508 participants aged 18 or older, was designed to understand the current drinking habits and wine purchase patterns currently in Hong Kong by the upper middle class.

The findings showed that 51% of respondents enjoy wine several times a week, while over 20% drink wine everyday. While 15% of survey respondents spend HK$3,000-$5,000 (£240-£300) every year on wine, more than half spend over HK$5,000, reflecting the growing popularity of high quality wine consumption in Hong Kong.

Breaking this spend down further, 33% reported spending HK$201-$350 (£16-£28) each time they visit a wine store, while 22% spend as much as HK$351-$500 (£28-£40). Once in a restaurant, survey respondents said they were willing to spend 30% more than in the off-trade.

The survey also found that Hong Kong people are fastidiously fussy regarding the quality of their wine and often seek professional advice when purchasing… 68% buy from a wine merchant – four times more than the number who primarily buy their wine at a supermarket. A similar proportion, 67%, base their wine choice on suggestions from family or friends.

Commenting on the survey’s findings, Debra Meiburg MW, Director of Hong Kong International Wine & Spirit Competition, pointed out: “The newly-affluent middle class is choosing premium quality wines. Tastes have become more discerning and the average spending on wine is increasing, creating a huge potential in the market for quality wines.” Good news for the wine industry worldwide.

Noting the above, realization of new connoisseurs being cultivated or popping out worldwide, Christer writes…

As one knows in California, the wine industry is solid with many grape harvests and fermentation vintages selling out within the California state or US alone. This realization will bring out the question on whether it is worthwhile to export vintages across the seas for price profit gains or simply maintain a stable marketplace here in the region or our country where the grapes are grown. Decades ago, imports of Italian and French wines made their way to California aficionados of fine wines or at least the desiring taste of such, and then California growers exceeded the expectations of century old vines and estate wineries of Europe only to cease the major need for importing wine product. California exceeded expectations.

When price comes into play, one has to wonder if vintners will expand their existing markets and world delivery options to now explore the current trend with new profits and recognition. Popularity gains already established within the United States could be considered but a stepping stone by now sending good wines overseas that create new consumers and a larger customer base willing to pay upwards of five times the value. Whether as novelty or sincerity, Hong Kong wine lovers seem to be growing in their taste and elite status with new wine popularity spends from another foreign food group. Even though they have but one wine vintner.

California west coast wineries  have already expanded into small wine tasting rooms through-out neighboring villages to become a main focus on Main street. Small towns cater to the wine industry with open doors for walking tours and free tastings. Carmel-by-the-Sea, City of Monterey, Napa, Sonoma, Paso Robles, and San Luis Obispo, and central San Joaquin valley, all have tasting rooms withing the city. With vines maturely in place, the wine industry of Northern California supports an already existing demand on bottled wine consumption within the whole of the United States and one has to wonder if this positive growth will lead to the exclusivity of world consumers and made only available to those classes who truly want or are willing to spend for the “Wine of the Gods”, fruit-of-the-earth, high-end quality wine, (both red and whites).

We may see in decades ahead, the closing of boutique tasting rooms that house/employ three and four workers, who but pour $5. tastings, to become closed, with an emerging market now focused on delivery worldwide for those with new discerning palates and expensive tastes for quality. Those with the finances and who are willing to spend on the ultimate in the “enjoyment of a wine tasting experience”, the world is becoming smaller and good wine becoming bigger. The two don’t mix or blend when wanting to keep the best for yourself locally.

In the end, we see proof study that Hong Kong middle class enjoy wines from California and world wide.  http://EWSCA.com

http://www.e-Web-Solutions.com /mobile blogs for wineries and local business.  admin@ewsca.com
(c) 2013


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Preferred Home Choices Today

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Christeraxe Blog

The Rich say:  ByeBye wine cellars to more Open Space   and electronic gadget home wiring or modern pool.
The Preferred choices for today.

Wine cellars and tennis courts are becoming passé for today’s fine homes/mansion buyers. What they really want are open floor plans, smart technologies and really nice pools.

A survey from Coldwell Banker Previews International and the Luxury Institute asked homebuyers who make more than $250,000 a year about their priorities or amenities for their homes. To put this group in perspective, their most recent home purchase averaged $1.6 million. More than a third own at least two homes.

When asked about their preferred amenities, the number one choice was “open floor plan,” cited by 39 percent of respondents.

(Read more: Six words only billionaires know )

Ranking second (32 percent) was “fully automated/wired home environment”-everything from high-speed cabling and integrated music systems to computerized lighting and…

View original post 224 more words

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Preferred Home Choices Today

The Rich say:  ByeBye wine cellars to more Open Space   and electronic gadget home wiring or modern pool.
The Preferred choices for today.

Wine cellars and tennis courts are becoming passé for today’s fine homes/mansion buyers. What they really want are open floor plans, smart technologies and really nice pools.

A survey from Coldwell Banker Previews International and the Luxury Institute asked homebuyers who make more than $250,000 a year about their priorities or amenities for their homes. To put this group in perspective, their most recent home purchase averaged $1.6 million. More than a third own at least two homes.

When asked about their preferred amenities, the number one choice was “open floor plan,” cited by 39 percent of respondents.

(Read more: Six words only billionaires know )

Ranking second (32 percent) was “fully automated/wired home environment”-everything from high-speed cabling and integrated music systems to computerized lighting and home monitoring systems. By gender, wealthy men were slightly more tech-oriented than women-35 percent versus 29 percent.

(Read more: For sale: Mansion, Bentley, toilet brushes included )

Third up was a pool (favored by 28 percent), followed by outdoor kitchen, suggesting that the life of leisure is moving outdoors. Women favored the outdoor kitchen far more than men, who presumably are happy with just a barbecue.

Having a gym was also important, along with a home theater. No size was specified.

(Read more: Newport estates regain their shine )

“Preferred home choices today”…

Wine cellars are getting a little stale. More respondents listed them as “less important” than listed them as a priority. Also ranking low was a guest house, security safe room, separate catering kitchen and a tennis court.

The amenity with the lowest priority was staff quarters. This suggests that either today’s wealthy don’t need so much help-or they’re telling the help to find their own quarters.

More than likely the latter with the fact they pay a minimum wage and wish to have the person enjoy scheduled hours of show-up work rather than be part of the family or work longer hours which in the past included dinner clean up or preparation.

Chris’ story here taken from Yahoo! News.
Now you know the Preferred Home Choices of Today.


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#Hash tag trend and Hash tagging defined


If you have been on Twitter lately, you have seen a “hashtag #.” To put it simply… a hash tag is a simple way for people to search tweets that have a common personal topic and to therefore begin a tweet conversation. AS example, if you search on #LOST (or #Lost, #lost, because it is not Case-sensitive)… you’ll get a list of tweets related to the television show. What you won’t get are tweets that say “I lost my wallet” because “lost” isn’t preceded by the popular hash tag.

Hashtags are believed to have originated on twitter but interesting enough, it is not a twitter (no capital T in twitter) function. Some users believe it began when the goose engine airplane lucky landed on the Hudson River in early 2009. Some twitter user wrote a post and added #flight1549 to it. I have no idea who this person was but somebody else would have read it and when they posted anything about that incident, added the full #flight1549 to the new tweet. For something like this, where tweets would have been flying fast and furious, it would not have taken long for this hash # tag to go viral and suddenly thousands of people then posting about it would have added it to their tweets and retweets as well. So if you wanted information of the current situation, you would do a search on “#flight1549″ and see everything that people had noted about it.
Take this hash-tag for example: #worstjobeverhad… This Hash-tag would compel many others to share the worst jobs they ever had too. Thus contributing to a full and fun conversation! It can be used for many specific searches or individual tweeters that begin to use them for their own followers.

Hash tag trend and Hash-tagging defined… (hashtag#)

For a further good clarification on hashtags and everything of anything else on twitter, please go ahead and visit: http://.twitterFanZone.com for more things about twitter. Sign up today and start to use the hashtag to begin hash-tagging other word trends or subject(s) that you wish to begin a craze about online or mobile. You can always in fact unsubsribe if it gets too much crazy for you to continue and get these unnecessary tweets every few minutes about what is currently trending or front-page news at any given moment of day or night. Perhaps a friend, screen actors or musician begin one and creates a big to do about a current faddle to draw on at that exact moment in time. Which of course will create a viral message going out as intended… which is the whole purpose. Have fun and see if it flies for you.

See if you can pull it off. If not stick with a mobile site from EWS Marketing Group and do some text messaging on SMS (single message service) with cell to promote a business and the happenings within that city, town, or village and small/large business or restaurant. Contact me at ca@ewsca.com

Best to you,

Online/mobile video-marketing
831 624 7452
Carmel, California USA

Serving the world with
local and global SEO
and web app design.

(c) 2013
Your Hashtag and hash tagging defined for you.

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Alright, been two years since gold went from $Ik to $1380. Now $1700.

Well, I have not written for a while being so involved with ending the iron company and beginning online business with internet marketing. Please follow me on the Empower Network program that insures success with your marketing exploitations. The training is second to none and you make 100% commissions if you wish to sell the info products we have. They’re great videos that explain the best and newest proven ways to market a business online. Many people use the format and trainings for educational purposes of their own stay at home business. Others have a primary network marketing company that allows them to market more cost effectively and at best, properly. Thus saving money all around. And the product membership start is but $25. to begin learning. Never too late to learn. Especially about the internet world of finance that is available in all corners of the world at such a small networking price.

In any event, that gets alot of traffic and is high in the Alexa rankings. Top 300 sites with millions of page views per month. Can’t beat it. Much spam and comments come in also, which is good. Shows that there is traffic to the site. Currently this prior famous one I am writing on now… I only have two comments and zero spam. Which is of course translating to dead.

Anyway, we were speaking of Gold and Silver metal prices of the day.
Turns out that when I said to buy gold in 2009 for $1000. an ounce, people thought i was crasy being it had just jumped from $700 to $950 in a matter of months with the Bush Administration. It hovered around $1000. for a long time just to make itself known to investers and the sort. The market wanted to let everyone with money, know that it was going to go up… and up. Far better than silver which surprised me.

Gold was to be always 32 times the cost of silver. But it is not working out that way and has not for many a year. Silver remains low in cost which is surprising being it is a daily commodity that has a consumable value on the industry markets. Silver is use for so many things besides camera film of old, Items like silver plating and mirrors. Finishes and objects to consume. It is amazing that the product remains at such a low value. Far more value should accompany the metal. Meantime gold just sits around. It is stached and stored in vaults. Never to be used in comparison to silver. Gold plating is the best in electronics however and could prove to be the bargaining power we have for any high tech civiliazation to apporach. All gold ever mined is said to still be around. if used on a dated object in use, it simply gets recycled to claim all it once had.

The cost of Gold is the standard of the currencies of yesterday which brings us to a new subject. The current economy is sagging and yet we do not claim we, the US government, are hurting or in need of refinancing or balancing out complete debt. Better yet, to claim bankruptcy. We have deficits beyond belief and if the USA was to be audited… you would most likely find that there is no gold in Ft.Knox afterall. That it has all been spent on war weapon research efforts and new technologies that are beyond what the average citizen can imagine. Gold is the most precious of all mankinds possessions. And yet he cannot take it with him after the 77 average years he has to make good on this planet. It is the most amazing story. Metal.. why do we hoard it so? For the simple fact it goes up in value as a financial safety net for the holder. Or is it that it simply does not tarnish and is the best conductor of electricity?

Please do continue to stack and hide the purchase of gold and silver metals as the gold part  continually climbs to new curretn levels of $1689. an ounce. Congrats on the purchase of such a significant metal. I’m glad somebody has ounces to document and bring out during times of woe rather than sell at a good profit.

(c) 2013

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Updates on Empower Network Numbers, Merchants and Profits

Updates on Empower Network Numbers, Members and More

It’s been an interesting month for us here at Empower Network – we haven’t been as good about keeping everyone in the loop, (you’ll see why in a second) – but I wanted to reach out, connect with all of you – give you some updates – tell you about some cool theme updates and some other things that we’re working on now.
First, the site has been slow in the last five or ten days – we know. I wanted to show you why that is. This is our actual traffic numbers from Google Analytics for the last 30 days (click to view a larger picture and then come back to this page):

Yes, in the last 30 days, our traffic grew by more than 300% – from around 250,000 pageviews on January 1st, to averaging over 800,000 pageviews by January 30th, with a peak of around 960,590 pages loaded in one day.

In fact, here’s our actual numbers – these are as accurate as it gets, from Google Analytics for the last 30 days:

Just to give you an idea, Mashable.com is one of the world’s most traffic blogs and has been around since yr 2007, yet only gets 20,000,000 unique visitors a month. We already have a fourth of their traffic alone…

…and we haven’t even really started… yet

I actually believe we can have one of the top 200 most trafficked websites in the world in less than 60 days.

However, we need to expand our server resources, again – so we have scheduled maintenance where we’re going to some stuff to our server system. It should solve ‘most’ of the load time issues that we have going on all over the entire globe.

The good thing is this time we won’t have any more than a couple of minutes for downtime You probably won’t even notice the switch.

Second, we haven’t let many people know about this but you can now upload your own photo into the header – it’s really easy to do. Just login to your blog and click on ‘Home Photo’ in the Appearance tab and upload a snap shot – depending on whether you’re using the ‘Easy’ or ‘Advanced’ blogging view will determine where it is. It should look something like this:

Just click the button and upload your own photo. And check out some of these Sexy Headers from the members recently… wow!

This is my own Brother “Aki”:

Lol… that was actually Aki and I at a Halloween party in San Fransisco about five years ago. Don’t worry, though – you don’t need to be shirtless in order to make this all work…
Here’s a more professional look from others:

The ‘legend‘ Tracey Walker !

See, you don’t have to be odd to make a lot of money-online. But of course, you can be if you want to…

That’s the totally cool thing right here with Empower Network… you don’t have to pretend you’re someone else to be successful.

You don’t have to be ‘branded‘ or a sales guru to “make $4.50” either – we’ll take care of the ‘complex’ sales maze – you can just be yourself! Market your product, website, or yourself.

That’s why people are attracted to Empower – because they can make ALL the money that Guru’s do, but…

…they don’t have to hire any Graphic Designer or set up “Server Farms” or even know how that internet part works. They can just…

… simply blog!

So dog gone Simple – Grandma can do it.

Which brings us to the next subject – Merchants…

like our mothers …uggghhhh…

Now, don’t get me wrong – getting everyone merchant accounts to process their own transactions was a brilliant idea indeed, however…

…not all brilliant ideas work well, unfortunately.

We’ve learned the hard way here that just trying to get 15,000 people merchant-accounts isn’t going to work very well… (Actually, we’re up to about 17,536 active members here still – even through these complex issues.)

There are actually quite a lot of good reasons for all of that.

First, there’s basically not any bank that can do it worldwide. So we’d would be stuck expanding from country to country – and most all of the world would be ‘out’ of our own reach – that’s not good for a virtual company like ours. We already have customers in 130 countries.

Second, getting a merchant account is as complicated as hell and has always been our ‘achilles heel‘ for the average joe, person.

Soafter this happened the last time — we realized that it probably wasn’t a good idea to be replacing 60,000 merchants every six months and decided that we’re going to do it a tad bit differently. Although we are still going to allow people to use their own merchant accounts who have them, now we’re setting up our own ‘miniature paypal’ account– and as soon as it’s done… neither you, or your team will ever have to use merchant accounts to work with again, if you don’t want.

We’ll go ahead and handle that on our end and you just get Paid.

No merchant approvals, No underwriting department, No hassles, and No setup…

The way Empower Network was meant to be.

Simple for everyone.

Our true 100% commission model is proven to pay out money faster than any other affiliate company in history. In fact, as of this writing, people have earned more than $4.2 million in just 120 days – over a million dollars a month in affiliate commissions.

It’s just the very start.

When we get our new payment model in place – we’re going to be able to pay people in over 130 countries – literally from the moment it’s setup.

People will also be able to pay in a lot of different ways – depositing cash, ACH, PayPal, Credit Cards, debit, and EFT if they want (Electronic Funds Transfer) and more. Including AlertPay, which is competing against PayPal in business.

This is going to open up a whole new world of growth that isn’t available to us because a whole big part of the world simply doesn’t use credit cards.

Japan doesn’t even like them!

How long will that take? I’ll know approximately tonight, but it shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 days. It’s already approved, setup, and just needs to be integrated and programmed to work with our commission and customer model.

So there’s a question of what to do between now and then and that’s the whole purpose, really, of this blog post. I know that a lot of you marketers are frustrated. Frustrated that you haven’t been able to ‘play’ because you’ve been waiting on a single merchant account.

Frustrated by growing pains, and I know…

that you want this… badly.

What we’re doing now is about to open up a whole new world for us, for expansion, for success, for development.

Our traffic number are now so colossal that literally nobody can question the value of being involved in what we are doing…

Just the ‘community exposure’ is reason enough to buy our products and get involved – even if you don’t want to sell them at all…

And it’s just a start.

Imagine when we are getting 100 million page views a day.

It WILL happen my friends.

You WILL be a part of it all.

Is it possible for you or for us to help people earn $110,00,000 a year in commissions?


And to do it we’ve got to pull out of this strong.

We’re planning a promotion here in ‘the meantime’ to get things cranking and grow our traffic by ten times in one month.

To do it though, we need to do this server updatee and have a solid timeline on the integration of our new system – a system that is not reliant on anything but YOU.

So here’s the real deal…
…if you think that 15,800 something people signed in 5 months is a lot…

…it’s really not.

If you think that 1,200,000 something page views a day is a lot…

…it has now begun.

…if you’re ready to do something… great! Here’s what to do now, today:

1. Write a blog post about why you’re pumped and what you see -and your vision.

2. Post it on a Facebook notepad, and link back to your post.

3. Email your list, and tell them ‘Something’s Coming…‘

4. If you have another site, write about this and link back to this here post – all you need to do is simply add ?id=christeraxe (username is Your affiliate ID) to the end, and the lead will automatically track you.

What should everyone do?

Quick and Simple.

Blog Daily your stories.

Tell Everyone.

…and get ready to Make Money.

The Empower Network has just began – we’ve gone through Beta Launch, now we’re in Post-Launch – all get ready once again…

…to take-over the internet.

-David Wood
“Empower Network Maverick

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Dollar down, Metals up

December 2010, deflation of USDollar falling 40% to date causing inflation of foods and services to go up in price along with Gold and Silver. Currently silver up from $18. six months ago to $28. plus, and gold up to $1380. from the record price of $1000. an oz. a short time ago. Value of gold up 400% overall. Suggest relying on coins or ingots in your saving portfolio for future gains that remain secure within the next 3 to 5 years. i.e. Sit on.

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Welcome Lifestyle

Fall is in the air. I hope all of you had a great summer.  Now is the time to start thinking about the future.  How good does it look for all of us.  Are your expenses low and your income high?  A successful lifestyle?  If so, congratulations.  Many are not in that positive position.  Today, Sept. 17, 2010, it was announced on Yahoo News that 1 in 7 Americans are now in poverty or living at the poverty level. Perhaps some of this news comes from the fact that people are living longer than before. A whole new group of retired folks are without residual income or payments large enough to get over the poverty level status.


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