Hillary guilty of mishandling Gov. emails but not guilty thus far…

Reported beginning of Year 2017 after the US election results.

American citizens got the revelation that perhaps Hillary Clinton and her partner Bill Clinton should not be allowed into the White House again, to represent the USA as the new President-elect for a next four to eight years. Hillary did in fact email her Classified (secret held government) information to friend Blumenthal to (perhaps) obtain personal feedback on issues of importance. Yesterday, FBI investigator James Comey released more pages on Secretary of State’s illegal actions (to email a private person outside the US Government on a private server), with 300 additional page findings from their first initial report. All found to be sensitive in nature. This does not look good, and really, never has.

In the beginning, Mr. Comey of the FBI investigation announced that Hillary mishandled classified information on an illegal private email server, (not registered as a .gov secure provider). Mr. Comey had stated that there was no found wrong-doing to present charges against her at that initial time or in the new discovery. We can for sure state that this announcement by FBI Comey was given in a way that would allow him to look neutral to both parties in relationship standings, and in a passive message provided to the American public in which to address their US concerns or interests.

It should be obvious that the findings were enough to not allow the 2016 US Elections to continue without the apprehension of one candidate and shut the whole government proceeding down. Yet to prevent chaos within a democratic process of voting, it was a perfect response in how the situation was to be handled despite many outcries. Bernie Sanders (Dem-) would have been the Primary nomination or shoo-in for placement on the ballot should HRC, Hillary Rodham Clinton been told to step down to further the “investigation”. Mr Sanders was already shut down through Mrs. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, head of the DNC (Democratic National Committee), be being cheated of all his personal campaign funds being transferred over to favor Hillary. The DNC has stated that it is not illegal to decide who to fund and support within their own party.

Obama’s Administration Attorney General Loretta Lynch told FBI James Comey not to use the word investigation, but rather as a matter. From there the story gets wilder as we pass the six month timeline of this event with my additional paragraph added her into this text blog, 8-18-2107. Its now obvious that HRC was to be the main party candidate no matter what. The FBI head was a bit torn from being truthful and doing his job being he is told one thing and acting as if another, while his personal home office is housed at his brother’s employed law firm that does the Clinton Foundation taxes!

Fact: FBI findings against the unlawful use of and illegal dispatch of information to an outside recipient boils down to: What would you expect Mr. Comey to say that would still allow their candidate for Presidency be allowed to maintain her own personal campaign? Especially before all of USA votes… in an all important election. Three scenarios:
(1) FBI Comey could have stated that he found complete and total negligence in the misuse and mishandling of government classified email and the server they were on. This would then cause an assumption that charges were warranted and possibly pending.

(2) James Comey could have called out for the arrest of Hillary Clinton for breach of signed agreements knowing full well, while working as Sec. of State and that she will be fined or given a subpoena to appear before a court magistrate and Dept. of Justice (DOJ). And likely then arrested or brought to Dept. of Justice hearing.

(3) The FBI report given by Comey instead stated that Hillary Clinton was careless and no intent or charges are to necessarily be levied… within past and present findings into the misuse investigation of unauthorized Government email use and the sharing of sensitive classified documents or messages.

These top three scenarios would dictate the outcome of the US President election in a much more negative manner and not bring efficient time for cause to replace Hillary with Bernie Sanders or another Democrat candidate of their choosing, should the party have one available to come forth. (Michelle Obama?)

The whole of the election would have been stopped and perhaps started completely over again with history going down big time as the first US woman candidate got thrown out of the race only to be shamed and sentenced or fined and removed from office of any sort for the rest of her career, if she ever had one to continue with, being soon 70 years old. Barry Obama could have had a third term during this time of re-evaluation.

The fact that the announcement of Clinton’s misbehavior in this regard only gave an opportunity for the American voter to think twice about their candidate and offered some advantage for the Republican party in this election to continue on in a standard fashion. The outcome was exactly what should have been and deemed necessary.

More on the subject from AP professional reporting staff writer follows below of 1-12-17:

by Ken Thomas, Eric Tucker and Mary Clare Jalonick


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