Shemitah and Sept. 23 Papal Visit

September 23, 2015 – Pope visit to White House and Shemitah findings…

“A look into the blog post by Codgerville and my comments on the possible upcoming realities for September 2015.”

Great info with the coming of possible US dollar currency collapse and
the Shemitah at our doorstep. Start planning now for a hard time in keeping your family feed and in good spirits. The Pope comes to the White House to speak with the President and address the nation as a whole at the same time. What is in store for the Sept. 23, 1915 date? We do not really know, yet have a pretty good idea. There is talk that the Pope will announce the reality of Alien life among us which will cause some panic and result in the need for military police to rule in some cities. This would also bring on a perfect time to realize and suggest the new World Order in the higher ups and allow the US financial collapse of the dollar to start a New world currency and bring in the planned agenda.
Those citizens who would resist the realities of the world life species or the fall of the economy as they know it, would panic and have to be dealt with within the new Dept. of Homeland Security. FEMA restraining camps are set up now for such an uprising. Or, of course the same type of resistance and panic if an asteroid where to be coming in to hit the Atlantic or the new specie introduction be introduced to the world, all would cause people to go off on the government and their neighbor. Prepare now to hunker in and keep a hidden store of supplies for you and your family throughout 2016. War may breakout in 2017 as written below and things get worse. One should realize that the country and the world order was not going to get any better with time as we enter into a new techilogical way of everyday life. A wide gap now in personal well being is known across the United States where the poor are dependent on government handouts and the rich take advantage of loop holes to buy up private stores of gold and silver. Metals and property holdings may help you through these times of woe. It has been written on the wall of our country for a long time and for all to see.
Go now and buy what you can, keep what you can and sell what you can. The way things are, are not the way things could possibly remain. Believe in the Lord for more than your government. Believe in yourself to maintain a sanity for you and your loved ones to leave this country or hunker down and see what is in store for us all and what his holiness the Pope is about to lay on us regarding our futures, realizations or the times at hand to work together.
Regarding guns and ammo: The DHS has ordered another second purchase of a billion live ammo for the common government issue rifle. Why? I see no reason to supply our Homeland Security guardians with live ammo of that stockpile unless it was to fight off an attack on our own soil against another nation. Or is it that they must be willing to protect the institutions that make up our country and the laws that must be adhered to at this time of trouble. All I do know is that if you are a gun collector, hunter, marksman, enthusiast, or rifleman… keep them and do not use them, or they will be taken away. The second Bill of Rights allows guns and ammo to protect yourself from Government tyranny, so use only if threatened. You cannot win against such an informed strategic armed forces as the USA would put into action when worse comes to worse. Use it and lose it. Protect but do not threat. The sound control and spy tech that is available to them today is far too superior for anyone to take on a position withing your own neighborhood against any martial rulings.
Best wishes to all. Now let’s see what the country position is after the Papal visit and arrival of the Shemitah within our financial Wall Street.



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