YouTube video ads are 80% unsold… Try ’em?

YouTube In Stream ads are now available and affordable

YouTube Ads are currently the thing to try in advertising online today. All of us have seen commercial video with video ads playing in front of our chosen video view. However, some of us internet users do not really care to see those ads for they detract from the subject we wish to access.

In comes the old ads that we see over and over again from GoDaddy and Google Adwords promotions that show a one minute ad that can be skipped and no accounting for that video ad view is added to the account holder as a view. This is key though. That is exactly what is being considered as an opportunity to harness the viable source of video advertising, and get in on the ground floor of marketing online using video In Stream ads or Placement ads. Both types come wrapped together when you create an account for if there are video subjects available that you wish to advertise in front of, that you have actually specified, then random showing of your ad clip in top search column videos, will only appear as a paid view when someone clicks or after most of the video ad has played. The In Stream ad is charged only when a viewer sees the majority of the video itself or at least 30 seconds of it. This seems a viable way to market online being that Adwords will cost you ten times as much to run an ad campaign through PayPerClick for the same match keywords or subject matter you are wanting to reach. At this time in 2015, video ads are practically free because of this leeway given.

Traditionally Google Adwords costs around $0.50 cents to $5.00 USD to market certain keywords in your niche market. This is a bit much but of course it is a common way to advertise these days for targeted leads and sales. New, however, are the video ads that many folks or even marketers, don’t really know about or how to use them to their best advantage…much less feel comfortable about setting up the ad campaign live with video recordings. Most people are familiar with landing pages and optin forms to get more customers or views to their product or content on the web.  This means that it is now the Wild West once again in the land of the Internet to be the first in mastering new techniques that will be common place in a year or so online with advertising.

California Video ads and

I currently am offering setups and ad programs within my own consulting business in which to help local business market online using video and the opportunity to now focus in on just the right type of videos available to market in front of. Rather than random videos, you have the opportunity to specify the type of video or location that you wish your own video ad would run and audience to be in front of. Plus, the wonderful opportunity to click a box that states ReTarget this Ad. That in itself is huge. Generally retargeting an ad is tough to set up and monitor with analytics (but always worth it), yet will bring in an additional 10% to 20% more revenue from that same ad seen once or twice earlier by that potential viewer and prospective customer or buyer. It just plain works.

If you or your business wishes great exposure using video and reaching a targeted marketplace for your offline or online business, consider the new YouTube video ad platform and learn to format your short video with calls to action within the first ten seconds to get the biggest bang for the buck. A video that is left before it is over with or completed,  is not charged for… so it is actually free traffic that you would receive with people clicking to see your offer or product before the finish of the video ad. In short, many people do not like video ads and have always clicked away. But what if that video was your competitor or in a niche you are advertising within, as in the same content and subject matter? You would win big time, at a cost that is far less than clicks to a common landing page using text or on page ads with Adwords.

Make your marketing efforts work with popular video marketing today!

Call me for help in making your 2015 stand out with video and build a video channel at the same time with the content you bring to life using video marketing in a world going mobile. Video SEO and mobile search engine optimization ready is the main ways people search their keywords for local marketing of any business online today.  Now your local community and low priced ad methods using unique video with YouTube ads can be just what the doctor ordered. Take advantage of a viable active market place on the world wide web by calling me in Carmel, California at area code 831.624.7452 using EWS Marketing.   More content and tips… Like us!

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