JetPack is big – Make your website mobile friendly

Mobile Armageddon is upon us now as of April 21st, 2015. If you have a WordPress site then of course you should install the latest JetPack plugin for websites from your beloved resource link. It will automatically turn your site into a mobile capable viewing option.

We are not talking about mobile Responsive whereas you see a small version of your original website design. No, we are talking about a layout that is far different than the original being it has tabs and access links with icons to help navigate the best in finger movement and visual access aids. Maybe I should not say far different, however. Let me just say that the design layout is now far more mobile friendly and useable.

Enjoy JetPack plugin for all its worth and become listed correctly in mobile search to build up rankings or gain back your losses from the Mobilgeddon that took place April 21. Have fun.

Do this your self or call me to take care of it being you have a dashboard and easy operation in maintaining your site. If you do not have a WordPress website, then there is another option that can turn your existing old fashioned website into a manageable mobile ready opportunity without much work or webmaster access key. Call 831 624 7452 for info.

Have a great day and realize the benefits and changes within both mobiel and PC desktop search results and why you need to be set with a veiwpoint correctly to dominate in both listings for the search engine optimization on the Result pages. Two types of results are given to these searches. Check yours along side the desktop with a mobile device in hand!

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Mobile Marketing Consultant, web SEO, Adwords and Facebook ads for local business' and professionals. YouTube channels, video editing for public TV ad commercials and websites. Call for our California Carmel Monterey video iPad training courses Contact today... 831 624 7452. Get more business with web traffic using video for mobile search engines! Also, funnel marketing, FanPage offers, email auto-responder set up, surveys and monthly newsletters. Helping entrepreneurs businesses dominate online & mobile. . . email: . (831) 624-7452 Pacific 9am to 6pm . Learn and earn with Internet Marketing
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