iPas 2 Review of Facts – 2014


It’s the fall now…and the long anticipated sales system of iPas 2 is on its way to becoming one of the most popular, sought after marketing platforms online to date. This will breakdown all other marketing strategies on the Internet today by selling any product by means of an automated system and self liquidating offer that will undoubtedly put more money back into the sales funnel advertising coffers by creating more sales on demand or better worded; autopilot.
Why this is, is a matter of taking a look at each component of the sales system and reviewing the steps that it takes to produce a good presentation of a featured product by keeping the interested customer/visitor on the same page as the capture form and sales form and 7-day trial option before checking out or becoming redirected.
http://www.iPas2free.com/?id=11381 explains it a bit better and facts should be run through to see if one can actually poke holes in the system. Created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell with Mark Harris adding his flavor to the paid sales-coach process that is readily available when desired or required: Questions and Answers are followed up by a proven sales team of 20 coaches that actually aid in the closing of high-end sales for you. Their job is to clearly up-sell the customer to show the value of being all-in, thus eliminating the hurdles and proving the value of the overall funnel sales system, justifying any expense this paid follow-up by the outside sales team, staff of twenty, should charge.


Selling any product online can be a task in itself and this system allows the addition(s) of a profit maximizer in place to help increase profitability to the overall purchase of the product, goods or service(s). The system starts with a small trial and explanation of the product line and thus encourages the visitor or customer at this point to continue on with the complete ownership or monthly service plan that will payoff in the short or long run when used by them, the customer, as well. Taking little steps in a sales acquisition is easier than selling the full purchase price of a $5,000. product all at once. The product in this case is already a great value being iPas2 is using Empower Network’s module training that we wish to sell and has proven results. The value is there being it is cutting edge, all modern businesses need it, and it pays for itself in full upon the first sale to another person/business if reached through their own selling of it, with or without the system on their own.


There is nothing being forced onto the marketer as to claim you must use the system to its fullest and employ, recruit or facilitate their capabilities and services in able to use the new marketing system. In fact, the real reason the coach is being used is for the higher cost products alone. A service fee of $97. a month is charged to have your own full-time selling team available and to be in touch with any customer who has already purchased at some level your product. But, you may recline to have them involved if your marketing skills or the customer/client at that point, is already comfortable working with you alone or is going through with the complete purchase anyway. The iPass2 selling platform makes money 5 to 10x faster than if without, i.e. the traditional marketing funnel of page after page and with email follow up and a continued opt-in requirement. End results should range around three times more in sales amount using this process system.


The system should help many more people to make money online faster and easier than ever, while getting paid larger commissions and feeling more success in their marketing skills while building a team far more readily. This program concept has grown over the past two years and this version2 has now been masterfully controlled to the point it is ready to be rolled out Sept. 8, 2014 to the public… so that they may come to know the power of selling online when advertised correctly and completely with a good sales funnel system. Join me in taking on your own profitable marketing venture by learning and earning online using all the web has to offer, enabling you to make money while you sleep and on autopilot. Your family and lifestyle depends on it today like no other time in history. Using this concept and method, we at http://www.EmpowerV2.biz hope to change the world in creating cash on demand available for all countries as a global marketing effort with proven results.

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iPass spelled with two “s” is for Illinois Tollway Pass discount permit

c) 2014


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