Twenty Ways To Get Traffic To A Website…

What is the best way to get Traffic

It always surprises me when I go into a place of business during normal sales hours and the owner or head employee is on the computer working away.. or staring. I ask, “What are you working on,  your Facebook page or blog post?”.  Most times they say, “No. Solitaire.”  Now that just blows me away.

Waiting for some unsuspecting shopper to come through the doors at anytime and perhaps buy something is one way of doing, or expecting business. Quite another to actually drive the buyers in by advertising online free of charge with a keyword to your message online. Facebook should be utilized more for small business, and perhaps big corporations too, that have the welcoming desire for walk-in traffic shoppers, and buyers from the street. Placing a newsprint ad ad hoping that your audience will see the ad to come shop is just asking for a lucky break. The odds of that buyer seeing and actually remembering to drive down to your store to review products unseen, or only knowledgeable of the one or two items featured in the ad…is unlikely. It is a big world out there with a lot of different tastes. You must focus on your particular customer. Inform them of what you have and how to get it.

Owners of small and mid-sized business, SMB as it is known in the marketing world, should have some expertise on marketing online and using the web as a resource for advertising their business on the Internet. It’s just smarter. It takes some time, however the money spent on traditional advertising using print ads costs to the point that it was hired out to complete the total ad campaign. Considering this as a done-for-you service, one should also consider farming out the online advertising campaign if the owner wishes not to learn and market their business themselves. In the long run, it is a skill that is somewhat easy to acquire and should be utilized by small mom-and-pop businesses throughout the world. The Internet is free, use it. Or, call on someone who does online marketing for a living, and see the results that can be accomplished in promoting any type of business that is brick and mortar. One only has to do a mobile search or keyword entry to discover all the business and specials that avail on the world-wide-web… especially local biz.

The 20 best Traffic methods for a Website

Today we are going to let everyone know just how to market your storefront business online, and to use the web in a manner it was intended. Social and mobile is truly the way that business is going. This provides a closeness to your customer and can result in continuous sales and repeat happy customers. Website visitors become buyers and clients. It is the way it was a hundred years ago. It is now returning to be that way of word of mouth, customer reviews, social sharing, client testimonies, recorded proof…all but the last one…has be used over the years to bring a trust, know and like to the heart of business as it was early times. No more slam sales and sham products. Of course, we know this has been proven with big box stores taking the place of small downtown business shops. Mainly because “BigBox” Corporate Stores could offer great guarantees due to large volumes of sales from their buying power with reduced pricing. These guarantees brought the brand name to be known, trusted, and liked by the general audience of consumers and now the local small-business must follow in similar steps just to compete.

Here are some ways to bring in easier sales to your storefront using the Internet:

Use keywords related to you and your city… such as; “shoes,skirts Pleasantville” as an example.
Use the majority of online local Directories to be found easily with maps and reviews.

Create 3 video of product, interior store facility and owner’s interview of products and their Why.       Facebook is the No.1 website in the world, become attached to it and see your site gain authority.

Also, include Google+ and fill out completely to obtain your invite for a custom URL to be indexed. Always re-target your Banner ads to have the buyer be seeing you relative brand everywhere.

Sign up with twitter and tweet a few time a day about your product, promotion or special.
Join to become a professional in your marketplace and reference your experience.
Have an Opt-in form on your website with a pop-up to a free offer, pdf, video, discount, etc..
Welcome website with Newsletter option sent by email to market them and inform of new product.
Blog daily about your business and offer a Press Release of changes or upgrades to print monthly.
Post in Craigslist and change as needed to establish yourself as a leader/resource in your field.
Run Facebook ads in your region promoting to a certain age group, gender or specialized group.    
Film a YouTube channel and devote it to your product and service or to the people that use it.
Mobile websites are a must these days and a full website that is mobile responsive is crucial.       Forums and comment posts can be a great way to be recognized with your business information.
A small classified ad with your Website or Link can be beneficial to easily promote your business.
TV and radio do not reach the true audience you seek, cost effectively. Holiday time is always best.
Pay-Per-Click keywords & long tail phrases are always effective when done correctly with Google.
Posting your link and business details on other peoples blogs and websites can add more traffic. 

So besides the traditional Search Engine Optimization that your webmaster might have done…
these line subjects above should help you to understand a wide variety of choices can be made!.

I hope you have gained some new thoughts and wisdom with the above list of marketing tips and resources to delve into using the best the Internet has to offer. Do not be afraid to try new things. You can always use for keeping thoughts in place as you market online. Passwords can be kept safe and all together by using RoboPass, or LastPass, or as example. Check out these possibilities of the web and call me should you become stuck or unsure. I am here to offer complete guidance and as a consultant to traditional businesses wishing to use the web for more leads, impact and sales.. I am here 24 hours a day at or by calling: 831 624 7452 Pacific and leave a message as to the best time to reach you and clarify your goals.

To your success, christeraxe

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