#Hash tag trend and Hash tagging defined


If you have been on Twitter lately, you have seen a “hashtag #.” To put it simply… a hash tag is a simple way for people to search tweets that have a common personal topic and to therefore begin a tweet conversation. AS example, if you search on #LOST (or #Lost, #lost, because it is not Case-sensitive)… you’ll get a list of tweets related to the television show. What you won’t get are tweets that say “I lost my wallet” because “lost” isn’t preceded by the popular hash tag.

Hashtags are believed to have originated on twitter but interesting enough, it is not a twitter (no capital T in twitter) function. Some users believe it began when the goose engine airplane lucky landed on the Hudson River in early 2009. Some twitter user wrote a post and added #flight1549 to it. I have no idea who this person was but somebody else would have read it and when they posted anything about that incident, added the full #flight1549 to the new tweet. For something like this, where tweets would have been flying fast and furious, it would not have taken long for this hash # tag to go viral and suddenly thousands of people then posting about it would have added it to their tweets and retweets as well. So if you wanted information of the current situation, you would do a search on “#flight1549″ and see everything that people had noted about it.
Take this hash-tag for example: #worstjobeverhad… This Hash-tag would compel many others to share the worst jobs they ever had too. Thus contributing to a full and fun conversation! It can be used for many specific searches or individual tweeters that begin to use them for their own followers.

Hash tag trend and Hash-tagging defined… (hashtag#)

For a further good clarification on hashtags and everything of anything else on twitter, please go ahead and visit: http://.twitterFanZone.com for more things about twitter. Sign up today and start to use the hashtag to begin hash-tagging other word trends or subject(s) that you wish to begin a craze about online or mobile. You can always in fact unsubsribe if it gets too much crazy for you to continue and get these unnecessary tweets every few minutes about what is currently trending or front-page news at any given moment of day or night. Perhaps a friend, screen actors or musician begin one and creates a big to do about a current faddle to draw on at that exact moment in time. Which of course will create a viral message going out as intended… which is the whole purpose. Have fun and see if it flies for you.

See if you can pull it off. If not stick with a mobile site from EWS Marketing Group and do some text messaging on SMS (single message service) with cell to promote a business and the happenings within that city, town, or village and small/large business or restaurant. Contact me at ca@ewsca.com

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Your Hashtag and hash tagging defined for you.


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