Alright, been two years since gold went from $Ik to $1380. Now $1700.

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Anyway, we were speaking of Gold and Silver metal prices of the day.
Turns out that when I said to buy gold in 2009 for $1000. an ounce, people thought i was crasy being it had just jumped from $700 to $950 in a matter of months with the Bush Administration. It hovered around $1000. for a long time just to make itself known to investers and the sort. The market wanted to let everyone with money, know that it was going to go up… and up. Far better than silver which surprised me.

Gold was to be always 32 times the cost of silver. But it is not working out that way and has not for many a year. Silver remains low in cost which is surprising being it is a daily commodity that has a consumable value on the industry markets. Silver is use for so many things besides camera film of old, Items like silver plating and mirrors. Finishes and objects to consume. It is amazing that the product remains at such a low value. Far more value should accompany the metal. Meantime gold just sits around. It is stached and stored in vaults. Never to be used in comparison to silver. Gold plating is the best in electronics however and could prove to be the bargaining power we have for any high tech civiliazation to apporach. All gold ever mined is said to still be around. if used on a dated object in use, it simply gets recycled to claim all it once had.

The cost of Gold is the standard of the currencies of yesterday which brings us to a new subject. The current economy is sagging and yet we do not claim we, the US government, are hurting or in need of refinancing or balancing out complete debt. Better yet, to claim bankruptcy. We have deficits beyond belief and if the USA was to be audited… you would most likely find that there is no gold in Ft.Knox afterall. That it has all been spent on war weapon research efforts and new technologies that are beyond what the average citizen can imagine. Gold is the most precious of all mankinds possessions. And yet he cannot take it with him after the 77 average years he has to make good on this planet. It is the most amazing story. Metal.. why do we hoard it so? For the simple fact it goes up in value as a financial safety net for the holder. Or is it that it simply does not tarnish and is the best conductor of electricity?

Please do continue to stack and hide the purchase of gold and silver metals as the gold part  continually climbs to new curretn levels of $1689. an ounce. Congrats on the purchase of such a significant metal. I’m glad somebody has ounces to document and bring out during times of woe rather than sell at a good profit.

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