Updates on Empower Network Numbers, Merchants and Profits

Updates on Empower Network Numbers, Members and More

It’s been an interesting month for us here at Empower Network – we haven’t been as good about keeping everyone in the loop, (you’ll see why in a second) – but I wanted to reach out, connect with all of you – give you some updates – tell you about some cool theme updates and some other things that we’re working on now.
First, the site has been slow in the last five or ten days – we know. I wanted to show you why that is. This is our actual traffic numbers from Google Analytics for the last 30 days (click to view a larger picture and then come back to this page):

Yes, in the last 30 days, our traffic grew by more than 300% – from around 250,000 pageviews on January 1st, to averaging over 800,000 pageviews by January 30th, with a peak of around 960,590 pages loaded in one day.

In fact, here’s our actual numbers – these are as accurate as it gets, from Google Analytics for the last 30 days:

Just to give you an idea, Mashable.com is one of the world’s most traffic blogs and has been around since yr 2007, yet only gets 20,000,000 unique visitors a month. We already have a fourth of their traffic alone…

…and we haven’t even really started… yet

I actually believe we can have one of the top 200 most trafficked websites in the world in less than 60 days.

However, we need to expand our server resources, again – so we have scheduled maintenance where we’re going to some stuff to our server system. It should solve ‘most’ of the load time issues that we have going on all over the entire globe.

The good thing is this time we won’t have any more than a couple of minutes for downtime You probably won’t even notice the switch.

Second, we haven’t let many people know about this but you can now upload your own photo into the header – it’s really easy to do. Just login to your blog and click on ‘Home Photo’ in the Appearance tab and upload a snap shot – depending on whether you’re using the ‘Easy’ or ‘Advanced’ blogging view will determine where it is. It should look something like this:

Just click the button and upload your own photo. And check out some of these Sexy Headers from the members recently… wow!

This is my own Brother “Aki”:

Lol… that was actually Aki and I at a Halloween party in San Fransisco about five years ago. Don’t worry, though – you don’t need to be shirtless in order to make this all work…
Here’s a more professional look from others:

The ‘legend‘ Tracey Walker !

See, you don’t have to be odd to make a lot of money-online. But of course, you can be if you want to…

That’s the totally cool thing right here with Empower Network… you don’t have to pretend you’re someone else to be successful.

You don’t have to be ‘branded‘ or a sales guru to “make $4.50” either – we’ll take care of the ‘complex’ sales maze – you can just be yourself! Market your product, website, or yourself.

That’s why people are attracted to Empower – because they can make ALL the money that Guru’s do, but…

…they don’t have to hire any Graphic Designer or set up “Server Farms” or even know how that internet part works. They can just…

… simply blog!

So dog gone Simple – Grandma can do it.

Which brings us to the next subject – Merchants…

like our mothers …uggghhhh…

Now, don’t get me wrong – getting everyone merchant accounts to process their own transactions was a brilliant idea indeed, however…

…not all brilliant ideas work well, unfortunately.

We’ve learned the hard way here that just trying to get 15,000 people merchant-accounts isn’t going to work very well… (Actually, we’re up to about 17,536 active members here still – even through these complex issues.)

There are actually quite a lot of good reasons for all of that.

First, there’s basically not any bank that can do it worldwide. So we’d would be stuck expanding from country to country – and most all of the world would be ‘out’ of our own reach – that’s not good for a virtual company like ours. We already have customers in 130 countries.

Second, getting a merchant account is as complicated as hell and has always been our ‘achilles heel‘ for the average joe, person.

Soafter this happened the last time — we realized that it probably wasn’t a good idea to be replacing 60,000 merchants every six months and decided that we’re going to do it a tad bit differently. Although we are still going to allow people to use their own merchant accounts who have them, now we’re setting up our own ‘miniature paypal’ account– and as soon as it’s done… neither you, or your team will ever have to use merchant accounts to work with again, if you don’t want.

We’ll go ahead and handle that on our end and you just get Paid.

No merchant approvals, No underwriting department, No hassles, and No setup…

The way Empower Network was meant to be.

Simple for everyone.

Our true 100% commission model is proven to pay out money faster than any other affiliate company in history. In fact, as of this writing, people have earned more than $4.2 million in just 120 days – over a million dollars a month in affiliate commissions.

It’s just the very start.

When we get our new payment model in place – we’re going to be able to pay people in over 130 countries – literally from the moment it’s setup.

People will also be able to pay in a lot of different ways – depositing cash, ACH, PayPal, Credit Cards, debit, and EFT if they want (Electronic Funds Transfer) and more. Including AlertPay, which is competing against PayPal in business.

This is going to open up a whole new world of growth that isn’t available to us because a whole big part of the world simply doesn’t use credit cards.

Japan doesn’t even like them!

How long will that take? I’ll know approximately tonight, but it shouldn’t take longer than 10-15 days. It’s already approved, setup, and just needs to be integrated and programmed to work with our commission and customer model.

So there’s a question of what to do between now and then and that’s the whole purpose, really, of this blog post. I know that a lot of you marketers are frustrated. Frustrated that you haven’t been able to ‘play’ because you’ve been waiting on a single merchant account.

Frustrated by growing pains, and I know…

that you want this… badly.

What we’re doing now is about to open up a whole new world for us, for expansion, for success, for development.

Our traffic number are now so colossal that literally nobody can question the value of being involved in what we are doing…

Just the ‘community exposure’ is reason enough to buy our products and get involved – even if you don’t want to sell them at all…

And it’s just a start.

Imagine when we are getting 100 million page views a day.

It WILL happen my friends.

You WILL be a part of it all.

Is it possible for you or for us to help people earn $110,00,000 a year in commissions?


And to do it we’ve got to pull out of this strong.

We’re planning a promotion here in ‘the meantime’ to get things cranking and grow our traffic by ten times in one month.

To do it though, we need to do this server updatee and have a solid timeline on the integration of our new system – a system that is not reliant on anything but YOU.

So here’s the real deal…
…if you think that 15,800 something people signed in 5 months is a lot…

…it’s really not.

If you think that 1,200,000 something page views a day is a lot…

…it has now begun.

…if you’re ready to do something… great! Here’s what to do now, today:

1. Write a blog post about why you’re pumped and what you see -and your vision.

2. Post it on a Facebook notepad, and link back to your post.

3. Email your list, and tell them ‘Something’s Coming…‘

4. If you have another site, write about this and link back to this here post – all you need to do is simply add ?id=christeraxe (username is Your affiliate ID) to the end, and the lead will automatically track you.

What should everyone do?

Quick and Simple.

Blog Daily your stories.

Tell Everyone.

…and get ready to Make Money.

The Empower Network has just began – we’ve gone through Beta Launch, now we’re in Post-Launch – all get ready once again…

…to take-over the internet.

-David Wood
“Empower Network Maverick

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