YouTube video ads are 80% unsold… Try ’em?

YouTube In Stream ads are now available and affordable

YouTube Ads are currently the thing to try in advertising online today. All of us have seen video lead ins with video ads playing in front of our chosen video. However, some of us do not really care for them for they detract from the subject we wish to access.

In comes the ads that we see over and over again from GoDaddy and Google Adwords promotions that show a one minute ad that can easily be skipped and no accounting for the video is added to an account of the holder. That is key though. That is what is being considered as an opportunity to harness the viable source of video advertising and get in on the ground floor of marketing online using video In Stream or Placement ads. Both come together when you create an account for if there are video subjects available to advertise in front of that you have actually specified, then random showing of your ad clip in the top of the search column will appear as a paid ad that only cost when someone clicks. The In Stream ad is charged only when a viewer sees the majority of the video itself or at least 30 seconds of it. This seems a viable way to market online being that Adwords will cost you ten times as much to run an ad campaign through PayPerClick for the same match keywords or subject matter you are wanting to reach.

Traditionally Google Adwords costs around $0.50 cents to $5.00 USD to market certain keywords in your niche market. This is a bit much but of course it is a common way to advertise these days for targeted leads and sales. New, however, are the video ads that many folks or even marketers, don’t really know about or how to use them to their best advantage…much less feel comfortable about setting up the ad campaign live with video recordings. Most people are familiar with landing pages and optin forms to get more customers or views to their product or content on the web.  This means that it is now the Wild West once again in the land of the Internet to be the first in mastering new techniques that will be common place in a year or so online with advertising.

California Video ads and

I currently am offering setups and ad programs within my own consulting business in which to help local business market online using video and the opportunity to now focus in on just the right type of videos available to market in front of. Rather than random videos, you have the opportunity to specify the type of video or location that you wish your own video ad would run and audience to be in front of. Plus, the wonderful opportunity to click a box that states ReTarget this Ad. That in itself is huge. Generally retargeting an ad is tough to set up and monitor with analytics (but always worth it), yet will bring in an additional 10% to 20% more revenue from that same ad seen once or twice earlier by that potential viewer and prospective customer or buyer. It just plain works.

If you or your business wishes great exposure using video and reaching a targeted marketplace for your offline or online business, consider the new YouTube video ad platform and learn to format your short video with calls to action within the first ten seconds to get the biggest bang for the buck. A video that is left before it is over with or completed,  is not charged for… so it is actually free traffic that you would receive with people clicking to see your offer or product before the finish of the video ad. In short, many people do not like video ads and have always clicked away. But what if that video was your competitor or in a niche you are advertising within, as in the same content and subject matter? You would win big time, at a cost that is far less than clicks to a common landing page using text or on page ads with Adwords.

Make your marketing efforts work with popular video marketing today!

Call me for help in making your 2015 stand out with video and build a video channel at the same time with the content you bring to life using video marketing in a world going mobile. Video SEO and mobile search engine optimization ready is the main ways people search their keywords for local marketing of any business online today.  Now your local community and low priced ad methods using unique video with YouTube ads can be just what the doctor ordered. Take advantage of a viable active market place on the world wide web by calling me in Carmel, California at area code 831.624.7452 using EWS Marketing.   More content and tips… Like us!

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JetPack is big – Make your website mobile friendly

Mobile Armageddon is upon us now as of April 21st, 2015. If you have a WordPress site then of course you should install the latest JetPack plugin for websites from your beloved resource link. It will automatically turn your site into a mobile capable viewing option.

We are not talking about mobile Responsive whereas you see a small version of your original website design. No, we are talking about a layout that is far different than the original being it has tabs and access links with icons to help navigate the best in finger movement and visual access aids. Maybe I should not say far different, however. Let me just say that the design layout is now far more mobile friendly and useable.

Enjoy JetPack plugin for all its worth and become listed correctly in mobile search to build up rankings or gain back your losses from the Mobilgeddon that took place April 21. Have fun.

Do this your self or call me to take care of it being you have a dashboard and easy operation in maintaining your site. If you do not have a WordPress website, then there is another option that can turn your existing old fashioned website into a manageable mobile ready opportunity without much work or webmaster access key. Call 831 624 7452 for info.

Have a great day and realize the benefits and changes within both mobiel and PC desktop search results and why you need to be set with a veiwpoint correctly to dominate in both listings for the search engine optimization on the Result pages. Two types of results are given to these searches. Check yours along side the desktop with a mobile device in hand!

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Esq. Tom Nash new Salinas DUI Office 2-15

Monterey County’s DUI Guy

Monterey Salinas California, Criminal Defense Attorney

A Focus on DUI Defense

For over 30 years, Carmel attorney Thomas Vinson Nash has pioneered advanced DUI defense in Monterey County. Tom is the only Monterey County lawyer to be featured as a contributor in the authoritative statewide book, California Drunk Driving Law by Ed Kuwatch, Paul Burglin and Barry Simons.

Tom is Past President of the Monterey County Trial Lawyers Association: Certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to administer Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFSTs) and certified in the Drug Evaluation & Classification Training Program.

Mr. Nash is a longtime member of the California DUI Lawyers Association as well as numerous other Criminal Defense Associations, including National College for DUI Defense, California Attorneys for Criminal Justice (CACJ) and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers (NACDL). Tom is the lawyer other lawyers talk to when they have questions about DUI defense,  NACDL Association and the National Lawyers Guild.
If you have questions about DUI in Monterey County, “Call the DUI Guy”, Tom Nash.

Personalized Criminal Defense Assistance

What sets attorney Tom Nash apart is his personalized approach. Tom Nash works personally with all of his clients and has the experience and understanding to support you during a tough time. Tom makes all of his own court appearances as well as DMV hearing appearances and supervises every file in his office himself. You will not be left to an associate or trainee to handle and discuss your case.

If you have been charged with a crime related to driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, driving under the influence with injury, driving on a suspended license related to former DUI convictions, possession of drugs while driving or juvenile driving offenses, The Law Office of Thomas Vinson Nash is there to provide superior outcomes. Serving Monterey County and all Peninsula cities of Salinas, Seaside, Pacific Grove, Carmel, Big Sur, Marina CA for Carmel CA for Salinas CA

Contact immediately with questions.



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iPas 2 Review of Facts – 2014


It’s the fall now…and the long anticipated sales system of iPas 2 is on its way to becoming one of the most popular, sought after marketing platforms online to date. This will breakdown all other marketing strategies on the Internet today by selling any product by means of an automated system and self liquidating offer that will undoubtedly put more money back into the sales funnel advertising coffers by creating more sales on demand or better worded; autopilot.
Why this is, is a matter of taking a look at each component of the sales system and reviewing the steps that it takes to produce a good presentation of a featured product by keeping the interested customer/visitor on the same page as the capture form and sales form and 7-day trial option before checking out or becoming redirected. explains it a bit better and facts should be run through to see if one can actually poke holes in the system. Created by Chris Jones and Chris Campbell with Mark Harris adding his flavor to the paid sales-coach process that is readily available when desired or required: Questions and Answers are followed up by a proven sales team of 20 coaches that actually aid in the closing of high-end sales for you. Their job is to clearly up-sell the customer to show the value of being all-in, thus eliminating the hurdles and proving the value of the overall funnel sales system, justifying any expense this paid follow-up by the outside sales team, staff of twenty, should charge.


Selling any product online can be a task in itself and this system allows the addition(s) of a profit maximizer in place to help increase profitability to the overall purchase of the product, goods or service(s). The system starts with a small trial and explanation of the product line and thus encourages the visitor or customer at this point to continue on with the complete ownership or monthly service plan that will payoff in the short or long run when used by them, the customer, as well. Taking little steps in a sales acquisition is easier than selling the full purchase price of a $5,000. product all at once. The product in this case is already a great value being iPas2 is using Empower Network’s module training that we wish to sell and has proven results. The value is there being it is cutting edge, all modern businesses need it, and it pays for itself in full upon the first sale to another person/business if reached through their own selling of it, with or without the system on their own.


There is nothing being forced onto the marketer as to claim you must use the system to its fullest and employ, recruit or facilitate their capabilities and services in able to use the new marketing system. In fact, the real reason the coach is being used is for the higher cost products alone. A service fee of $97. a month is charged to have your own full-time selling team available and to be in touch with any customer who has already purchased at some level your product. But, you may recline to have them involved if your marketing skills or the customer/client at that point, is already comfortable working with you alone or is going through with the complete purchase anyway. The iPass2 selling platform makes money 5 to 10x faster than if without, i.e. the traditional marketing funnel of page after page and with email follow up and a continued opt-in requirement. End results should range around three times more in sales amount using this process system.


The system should help many more people to make money online faster and easier than ever, while getting paid larger commissions and feeling more success in their marketing skills while building a team far more readily. This program concept has grown over the past two years and this version2 has now been masterfully controlled to the point it is ready to be rolled out Sept. 8, 2014 to the public… so that they may come to know the power of selling online when advertised correctly and completely with a good sales funnel system. Join me in taking on your own profitable marketing venture by learning and earning online using all the web has to offer, enabling you to make money while you sleep and on autopilot. Your family and lifestyle depends on it today like no other time in history. Using this concept and method, we at hope to change the world in creating cash on demand available for all countries as a global marketing effort with proven results.

All the best,

Connect with me on Google Plus:
or email

comment on
831 624 7452 for full support and answers to questions :)

iPass spelled with two “s” is for Illinois Tollway Pass discount permit

c) 2014

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Twenty Ways To Get Traffic To A Website…

What is the best way to get Traffic

It always surprises me when I go into a place of business during normal sales hours and the owner or head employee is on the computer working away.. or staring. I ask, “What are you working on,  your Facebook page or blog post?”.  Most times they say, “No. Solitaire.”  Now that just blows me away.

Waiting for some unsuspecting shopper to come through the doors at anytime and perhaps buy something is one way of doing, or expecting business. Quite another to actually drive the buyers in by advertising online free of charge with a keyword to your message online. Facebook should be utilized more for small business, and perhaps big corporations too, that have the welcoming desire for walk-in traffic shoppers, and buyers from the street. Placing a newsprint ad ad hoping that your audience will see the ad to come shop is just asking for a lucky break. The odds of that buyer seeing and actually remembering to drive down to your store to review products unseen, or only knowledgeable of the one or two items featured in the ad…is unlikely. It is a big world out there with a lot of different tastes. You must focus on your particular customer. Inform them of what you have and how to get it.

Owners of small and mid-sized business, SMB as it is known in the marketing world, should have some expertise on marketing online and using the web as a resource for advertising their business on the Internet. It’s just smarter. It takes some time, however the money spent on traditional advertising using print ads costs to the point that it was hired out to complete the total ad campaign. Considering this as a done-for-you service, one should also consider farming out the online advertising campaign if the owner wishes not to learn and market their business themselves. In the long run, it is a skill that is somewhat easy to acquire and should be utilized by small mom-and-pop businesses throughout the world. The Internet is free, use it. Or, call on someone who does online marketing for a living, and see the results that can be accomplished in promoting any type of business that is brick and mortar. One only has to do a mobile search or keyword entry to discover all the business and specials that avail on the world-wide-web… especially local biz.

The 20 best Traffic methods for a Website

Today we are going to let everyone know just how to market your storefront business online, and to use the web in a manner it was intended. Social and mobile is truly the way that business is going. This provides a closeness to your customer and can result in continuous sales and repeat happy customers. Website visitors become buyers and clients. It is the way it was a hundred years ago. It is now returning to be that way of word of mouth, customer reviews, social sharing, client testimonies, recorded proof…all but the last one…has be used over the years to bring a trust, know and like to the heart of business as it was early times. No more slam sales and sham products. Of course, we know this has been proven with big box stores taking the place of small downtown business shops. Mainly because “BigBox” Corporate Stores could offer great guarantees due to large volumes of sales from their buying power with reduced pricing. These guarantees brought the brand name to be known, trusted, and liked by the general audience of consumers and now the local small-business must follow in similar steps just to compete.

Here are some ways to bring in easier sales to your storefront using the Internet:

Use keywords related to you and your city… such as; “shoes,skirts Pleasantville” as an example.
Use the majority of online local Directories to be found easily with maps and reviews.

Create 3 video of product, interior store facility and owner’s interview of products and their Why.       Facebook is the No.1 website in the world, become attached to it and see your site gain authority.

Also, include Google+ and fill out completely to obtain your invite for a custom URL to be indexed. Always re-target your Banner ads to have the buyer be seeing you relative brand everywhere.

Sign up with twitter and tweet a few time a day about your product, promotion or special.
Join to become a professional in your marketplace and reference your experience.
Have an Opt-in form on your website with a pop-up to a free offer, pdf, video, discount, etc..
Welcome website with Newsletter option sent by email to market them and inform of new product.
Blog daily about your business and offer a Press Release of changes or upgrades to print monthly.
Post in Craigslist and change as needed to establish yourself as a leader/resource in your field.
Run Facebook ads in your region promoting to a certain age group, gender or specialized group.    
Film a YouTube channel and devote it to your product and service or to the people that use it.
Mobile websites are a must these days and a full website that is mobile responsive is crucial.       Forums and comment posts can be a great way to be recognized with your business information.
A small classified ad with your Website or Link can be beneficial to easily promote your business.
TV and radio do not reach the true audience you seek, cost effectively. Holiday time is always best.
Pay-Per-Click keywords & long tail phrases are always effective when done correctly with Google.
Posting your link and business details on other peoples blogs and websites can add more traffic. 

So besides the traditional Search Engine Optimization that your webmaster might have done…
these line subjects above should help you to understand a wide variety of choices can be made!.

I hope you have gained some new thoughts and wisdom with the above list of marketing tips and resources to delve into using the best the Internet has to offer. Do not be afraid to try new things. You can always use for keeping thoughts in place as you market online. Passwords can be kept safe and all together by using RoboPass, or LastPass, or as example. Check out these possibilities of the web and call me should you become stuck or unsure. I am here to offer complete guidance and as a consultant to traditional businesses wishing to use the web for more leads, impact and sales.. I am here 24 hours a day at or by calling: 831 624 7452 Pacific and leave a message as to the best time to reach you and clarify your goals.

To your success, christeraxe

Connect with me on Google+ at  
Visit,  http// for products
Learn more on Facebook at

(c) 2014

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Six Secrets of Success – infographic


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Building a Better Ad Agency with Smarter Hires

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Infographics for Engagement with Your FB Advertsing

By on May 22, 2012


With inbound marketing getting all the attention these days, it’s almost as if marketers have forgotten all about one of the world’s oldest professions (no, not that one).

I’m talking about the second oldest profession: Advertising (which may or may not have a lot of overlap with the world’s oldest profession).

So when it comes to advertising online, the two best choices right now are Google, Facebook, with retargeting networks like coming in as a combined third.

You’re probably wondering why you should consider buying clicks, when you can drive so much traffic for free these days. Two reasons: The first is obvious, media buys get you in front of new prospects that you couldn’t connect with using only inbound strategies. The second is that advertising typically appeals to a more motivated type of buyer for some reason.

Think about it, if you’ve ever clicked a Google display ad or a Facebook ad, you probably weren’t browsing. You were a serious buyer looking to make a purchase, or maybe to get a few more details before you make a decision.

That’s the big difference between outbound and inbound marketing. Inbound is all about building a relationship and making sure that, when a prospect is ready, you’re the one they go to. In a best case scenario, inbound strategies are the suspension bridge that delivers visitors into Leadville.

When someone clicks a Google display ad, they’ve self-selected themselves as a qualified, warm prospect. In other words, they’re ready to convert, at least on an opt-in form.

So lets compare the two biggest ad giants: Facebook and Google.

Most of the biggest differences between the two networks stems from context. Let’s be honest, you don’t log on to Facebook to buy, or even shop for stuff. If that’s what you use Facebook for… you’re doing it wrong. Its social.

Google on the other hand, is a pretty good place to search for products and services, which is why a Google ad gets roughly 10X the click-throughs that a Facebook ad will get.

That’s also why CTRs aren’t a very relevant metric for comparison. Cost Per Click, however, is a darn good one. According to Business Insider, Google’s average CPC is 75 cents, while Facebook’s is around 80 cents. Relatively competitive, no… not when you see one being buyers, and the other being a social site.

The second most important factor to manage is, of course, conversion rates. Facebook will probably be a little lower on those… on account of context.

While I agree with this infographic that Google delivers a bigger bang for your buck, I wouldn’t pull a GM and shutdown all my Facebook ads either. Facebook gets a TRILLION page views per month. Clearly, there’s a lot of value there; it’s just on the lead-generation side of the equation.


For more information on marketing with Facebook or Google Adwords, contact EWS Marketing Group in California for a quote on what we can do for you and your online presence or performance. Serving all English speaking countries, which include; UK, US, AU, NZ, CA, and SA (South Africa).
Yes we know that Sweden, Germany and Java speak the English language along with Holland and other countries, including India and China… its just that we are talking about being indexed on search engines in the correct language for people who buy.

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Mobile, as important as your business…

Is Your Site Mobile Responsive?

By on May 11, 2013

Marketers have been obsessing over creating a mobile-friendly version of their website and online identity, so as not to miss out on the incredible and still growing number of smartphone users.

That little device in their pockets has already changed the way people search, browse, and engage with online content, and nothing turns them away faster than a wonky design that doesn’t transfer seamlessly to their smaller screens and tap-to-click interface.

And we can’t forget about the cousin of smartphones, those increasingly capable tablets being used in higher frequency every day.

Heck, Mashable even called 2013 the Year of Responsive Web Design.

So what does it mean to have a responsive website, and how can you make sure you’re taking the right steps?

Here at Driving Traffic, we’ve made it a point to choose designs and themes that are automatically responsive. It’s a growing trend that’s becoming necessary to keep up with all the developments in the smartphone and tablet universe.

There really aren’t any advanced technical processes needed. Instead, it’s a matter of developing adjustable designs that can switch on the fly, and appear just as pretty and useful no matter how people are absorbing the content.

So What’s It Look Like?

A responsive website helps eliminate things like horizontal scrolling and image distortion by enabling flexible elements that can automatically be optimized to look and feel as clean as possible.

For example, working with columns is a typical responsive site strategy because they make it simple to arrange content in a way that’s easily accessible for tablet and smartphone users. That’s the main point here: there should be no or very little effort on the site visitor’s part to see what they want to see.

How’s It Work?

Responsive design uses something called “fluid grids,” which base sizes on proportion rather than pixels. That way, images and text can be automatically adjusted relative to each other, instead of needing specific parameters for each piece.

Another important aspect of responsive design are “media queries,” which can determine the resolution needed for any device being used to view a site. Though loading times can be amplified on a mobile device (because when you need all those service bars, they never seem to be there), it’s still a wise choice to enable a responsive design that keeps things in check.

Where Can I Find It?

Responsive design templates are available under the WordPress umbrella, as well as most other major site platforms. They may cost a little more than the non-responsive equivalent, and perhaps require a bit more attention to detail, but once implemented they can be just as easy to use.

Template Monster has a good collection of designs to choose from, and UXPin helps by providing breakpoints that “allow you to create responsive prototypes and wireframes that will look great on all the different kinds of devices and resolutions.”

We’ve also heard good things about Responsify (and we love the name), which actually lets you come up with the best template that will fit your needs, and customize a grid to go with your content, not the other way around.

It’s up to you to choose a design and template that will work for you. We wouldn’t be able to tell you what’s perfect for your situation, so check things out for yourself and go with something that fits.

The objective here is to build a site once, and watch it work across a billion screens, no matter what their size may be.

Tablets and smartphone adoption rates continue to skyrocket, and it’s never been more important to make sure your site is adapting to this shift.

You can’t please all the people all the time, but with responsive design you at least have the option.


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Maximize Google Plus Eight Ways…

8 Tips for Maxing Out Google+ Local Impact

By on May 6, 2013

We’ve come to know how important claiming a Google+ Local listing can be for businesses that are trying to reach the right audience. Experts say Google produces about 80% of local leads in America, and even more in Europe. Google even claims that 97% of consumers search for local businesses online.

In other words, if you haven’t claimed your listing by now, what gives?

In the past, the Google Places user interface was said to be a little wonky, and it usually took a while to update information. Now, with the new look and feel (which basically resembles the rest of the Google+ avenues) modifications will be faster and update across all Google platforms, including Google Maps.

All the navigation tabs have been moved to the left of the screen, and AdWords Express is now found in the same place.

(Don’t let the moniker confuse you: Google+ Local is what Google Places used to be and a whole lot more)

It’s simple to cash in on this killer search feature, and it won’t cost a dime. Here’s a crash course in case you’ve yet to claim it.

Make Your Account

Go create a Google ID on the New Account page, and feed it all the info it asks for. Verify it with your email, and then you can get started with the Google+ Local process.

Punch in your business phone number to start the search, and that should be enough for the Google robots to track you down. Don’t fret if your information is wrong. That’s the point here; you’ll be updating everything to make sure it’s all correct.

Claim your business listing by clicking “Edit,” or create a new one if you can’t find it.


Here’s where you will specify location, contact info, hours of operation, and share a brief description of what it is your business does.

(Please note this is a fake business created solely for the screen shots, I am not opening a Falafel Emporium in downtown Austin)


Now that you’re going strong with the right information in the right place, here’s some tips to optimize the overall effect Google+ Local can have.

Google+ Local Tips

  1. Make sure your authoritative and official website is included in the general information, so as to keep Google happy and improve search results.
  2. Add images and videos to set your listing apart from the rest of the field.
  3. If you’re a business owner without a physical location (like, say, a carpenter), you can now incorporate the same results that an online Google+ Local listing can offer.
  4. Respond and engage with customers using the Google+ Local account, and make it feel as though there’s a person behind the information.
  5. Put some thought into the categories section your business will be listed under. Be specific, and in turn be noticed.
  6. Encourage people to write reviews on your Google+ Local page, which is as easy as clicking “Write a Review” directly from the listing.
  7. Don’t forget about the Google+ Local app for the iPhone and iPod touch; it will let you manage things on the go.
  8. Stay within the Google quality guidelines and content policy.

This is one of the best ways to virtually guarantee a page one appearance on Google searches, something that businesses sometimes just can’t seem to do. It’s basically been moved into the category of “required” for local businesses, and Google+ Local pages are going to be much more visible in search results than Google Places were before them.

Though it seems like Google sometimes force-feeds us things, this is one of those meals you can swallow easily. The social media/business directory hybrid that’s being created is a revolutionary new way to find, please, and keep customers.

Google has pushed all their chips to the center with Google+ Local, and there’s no reason why you shouldn’t call them.

Google Plus is as important as Yahoo or Yelp and Facebook.

Now you know why it is important to be a part of Google+ Plus.

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